Rules of Procedure for the Whistleblower and Complaints System

The Company has established an appropriate grievance mechanism to enable whistleblowers and third parties to report compliance breaches and risks (including in the supply chain). For clarification, please refer to the Code of Conduct.

Various communication channels are available for the notification, and these can be seen in the following overview.

Information is confirmed to the whistleblowers. The provisions of the Supply Chain Act (LkSG) and the Whistleblower Act (HinSchG) are complied with. Information is then transmitted to the thematically responsible departments in the company for treatment and clarified. Detected breaches are remedied immediately.

Whistleblowers are assured confidentiality, and on request anonymity. Whistleblowers do not incur any costs as a result. It is possible to discuss the information with the ombudsman. The latter is independent and bound to secrecy.

The effectiveness of the complaints procedure is reviewed at least once a year and on a case-by-case basis. For a summary, see the following overview.